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Thread: Help Me- He Bites!!!

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    Default Help Me- He Bites!!!

    My darling son has just decided to use me as a teether...

    He is almost 6 months now, and while he got his (bottom two) teeth at 4.5 months, he has just started clamping down shaking his head back and forth- like a dog with a bone! It's awful, and my nipples are bruised and have deep teeth marks... ouch. (when he does this, he first "un-latches"- so quickly, though, that I never seem to be able to stop him)

    I have heard that "yelling" at him, saying "that hurts Mommy", and the general painful reaction is usually enough to scare them into not biting... Not my guy! He thinks it's funny.

    I've also heard that I should stop nursing (for that feeding) to reinforce that biting isn't okay. Hasn't stopped him yet!

    HELP ME PLEASE! This is really threatening my decision to breastfeed until he's (at least) one year old. I don't want to hurt him or scare him- any better advice?
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    Default Re: Help Me- He Bites!!!

    You mentioned that he unlatches first. Is this toward the end of a nursing session? Does his sucking/swallowing slow down first? Does he get more wiggly? If so, try taking him off immediately when he slows down. If he wants to nurse more, he will let you know. Have you tried watching/talking to him the whole time while nursing with your finger at the ready to break the latch? What about pulling him closer to your breast so he has to let go to breathe? Is he showing any signs that maybe he isn't really hungry or doesn't want to nurse?

    Try to watch really closely and observe any cues you can that might help to clue you in to when he will bite. Having a biter is so tough, but you can get through this!
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    Default Re: Help Me- He Bites!!!

    I am nursing my 2nd biter as we speak. She also bites my shoulder, knees, arm...pretty much anything that goes near her face or hand. These things help.

    • Keep my arm behind her head so that if she gets a good bite, she can't take off with my nipple!
    • When she looks like she's slowing down or about done, take her off before she bites to signal she's done.

    Don't get discouraged. Unlatch and say "don't bite Mommy" or whatever your line is and try again. They are way too little to understand, but that's no reason to give up on an otherwise healthy nursing relationship. Just charge through. As far as I know, no nipples have been lost through this.
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