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Thread: teething gel and latch

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    That is a great idea. WHen I say the momcicle part I thought you were gunna say freeze your boob! ROFL ROFL I was gunna say YOU FREEZE YOUR BOOB! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iryssa View Post
    Yeah, totally looks like my son's mouth when he started. Some days it felt like we were just counting down the minutes until he was able to have his next dose of Tylenol. We did find a homeopathic remedy that worked for us: Camilia, made by a company called Boiron (here). It just comes in these little liquid packs (they look kinda like mini freezies) that are pre-dosed, so you just break off the top of one and spray it into baby's mouth.

    EDIT: hmm, just read on the website that it's for 4mos and up (mine started at 4mos, so I guess I didn't need to remember that and my memory dumped it). Anyway I guess something to keep in mind for when you get there.

    We used the Camilia drops too they work great.. I'd avoid the gel. If swallowed it can affect the gag reflex causing the baby to choke.. my Doc said never to use them. I'd ask your Doc about the teething tablets... disolve them in water and give the water solution to you little one dont put the tab in his mouth.

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