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Thread: Will this kill my supply? Dropping a feeding at 6 months

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    Default Will this kill my supply? Dropping a feeding at 6 months

    DD just turned 6 months. We started solids last week, some cereal once a day. I just started back at work last month (reduced hours), and pump 3x a day and get JUST what she needs the next day (12 oz). Up until last week, her feeding schedule looks like this:

    7:30 am - nurse
    9 AM - bottle
    noon - bottle
    3pm - bottle
    5 PM - nurse
    7 PM - nurse and bed

    She's been waking up 1-3x a night, but she's also been quite sick since starting daycare. The problem is that now I'm back to full time, and that 5PM feed has shifted to 5:30. The when it's time for the 7pm feed, she's frustrated because my bbs aren't as full. I can distract her with books, but the past week (since full time started) she's been waking up 10:30-11:30 wanting to eat, presumably because the 7pm feeding isn't big enough. I'm toying changing her schedule to:

    7:30 am nurse
    10 AM - bottle
    1pm - bottle
    4pm - bottle
    7pm - nurse

    I hope this will make her last feeding more satisfying and eliminate that first feed before midnight. I expect she will still want to nurse at least once overnight (she wants to eat 95% of the time she wakes). Do you think that dropping the one feeding will lower my supply significantly? I worry because I can JUST pump what she needs for the next day.

    Thanks, sorry the post is so long!

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    Default Re: Will this kill my supply? Dropping a feeding at 6 months

    I went through a period of time where I just felt like my dd was unsatisfied with the amount of milk she would get from her night feeding. I'm gone 9 hours for work. I try to nurse or pump at 6AM and then I pump at 9:30 am, 1:00 PM and I return home at 4:30 PM and nurse and then again at about 7:30 PM for bed. My body adjusted but it felt like it took a long time. She must have been going through a growth spurt and just wanted more. If you're really worried about you not having enough milk for her bed time feeding, pump after she eats to encourage your body to make more milk.
    I think your idea about changing your feeding schedule may help, but think about how you will feel cutting out another nursing session. I thought about doing something like that too but then I couldn't give up that extra nursing session with her. I felt like I was missing out on too many sessions already. I didn't want to miss out on anymore intimate time with her.
    I actually got really bummed out for a couple of weeks when I thought about how few nursing sessions I was having with her. But, she got sick and started waking in the night so that helped me feel better about how many times I was actually nursing her. Not that everyone wants their child to wake at night but for me it means more time with her since I'm gone for a good portion of the day. I hope it all works out for you. You're doing great!
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    Default Re: Will this kill my supply? Dropping a feeding at 6 months

    I agree w/ pp. When I started back to work i was concerned about having enough milk for DD, so I pumped every night after she went to bed. After doing that for two weeks I now pump out enough for 3 feedings and I am only gone for two so I am building a nice stash.
    If you feel like your supply is suffering you can always switch back to what you were doing before and your body should adjust back.
    Best of luck
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    Default Re: Will this kill my supply? Dropping a feeding at 6 months

    It is better to nurse frequently. As your lo gets older, her nursing pattern will change on her own anyway so it will be hard for you to schedule it. Your body will adjust to your new schedule by starting to produce more milk, it just may take a little while. with pp, if you want to speed up this process, you can start pumping in the evening to help increase your supply. Also, many LCs recommend a dream feed session for women with LO who wake at night. Basically, right before you go to bed you nurse your lo. Your lo typically will not totally wake up which is why it is called a dream feed but they still know how to nurse and will remove milk.

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