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    This site has been so great.

    I have been working nights and all is going well but I am going to start to do 3 12 hours overnights a week and it will be everyother day. I do co-sleep and my son snacks when he wants. My husdand usually gives him 2 4 oz bottles in 8 hour period.

    My question is do you guys think I can get by with pumping on the way to work at 7 pm and than again at 1 am and on the way home at 7 am and be fine? That would be 6 hours in between pumping. Will my supply drop. My supply is fine at 7.5 months. Any comments or situations would be helpful.

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    I think 3 pumping sessions in a 12 hour period should be ok. Especially if it's through the night and you feel like your lo doesn't eat as much then. Monitor the fullness of your breasts during the extended time btw pumpings, if they get full that means your lo is snacking a lot more than you think he is and you mibht want to add in a pumping session for a while. I'm assuming you don't want to lose any of your supply so just pump as often as you can. I hope it all works out for you. Good luck!
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