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Thread: Will This All Night Buffet Ever End

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    Sorry I don't have any advice. This thread has been great because our 6 mo LO is the same. I nurse to her sleep and she wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse and absolutely will not take a paci. The funny thing is when we began cosleeping at 2 months she was great! She was sleeping 5-6 hours straight that I was worrying about her NOT eating so I know her body can handle it. Anyway, it doesn't really disrupt my sleep... but eventually I want it to end (probably between 9-12 mos we'll have to work on it).

    thanks ladies, I will check out that Dr. Jay Gordon website.

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    we did the dr. gordon method when ds was 16 months to wean him from night feedings. it was a slow process (about 2 monts) but so, so worth it.
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    I just wanted to say I understand how you feel! My LO wakes up a lot at night to nurse. I know we went through some times where she was sick and we had some busy weekends away from home so that would throw her off. I was so happy last week when we made it 3 nights where she only woke up 2 times but those nights are over and we are back to 11, 1, &/or 3, 430, 530 & 630!
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    I am experiencing the same sleepless nights with my 7 mo. old son. I used to think it was a matter of 'training' or 'teaching' my child to soothe himself to sleep because this worked well with my first son when the nighttime feedings were getting to be too much. But... I think it wasn't so much the training as his personality. My second boy is an entirely different little guy, and any attempts to suggest another plan at night besides nursing are met with back-arching screams that could probably go on all night, but end only when I nurse him back to sleep. Although I am totally sleep deprived and more than a little edgy, I have decided this is just what he needs now, and I can't explain it or train it away, so I just keep telling myself - someday when he's ready, he'll sleep.

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    I think I could have written that original post because we are in the exact same boat! My LO has never been a good sleeper... we started co-sleeping at 4 months because I just couldn't handle the sleep deprivation any longer. I must admit that our situation has only slightly improved... Co-sleeping is uncomfortable for me as DD is constantly scooting over to be right next to me, and she is like a little furnace... I get soooo hot sleeping next to her, and she is sweating too. Also, I feel like I am limited in how I can lie next to her without rolling over onto her, so I end up staying in the same position and waking up with a backache. Ugh. Anyway, sorry I don't have any advice, just cause we are right there with you. I am reading "The No-cry sleep solution" to try and get some ideas for helping DD sleep longer. I refuse to let her CIO, so we are kind of in this rut...

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