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Thread: a couple of probably silly questions...

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    Red face a couple of probably silly questions...

    Ok, one, most of the time my LO wants to eat about every hour... in the morning he seems to want a marathon session of about an hour and 1/2 of on and off eating... Sometimes he's like that all day... just on and off... So I'm probably paranoid but if he goes two hours without eating is it going to hurt my supply? I mean, I guess since my body's used to him eating so often if him throwing a longer stretch in there every once in a while I'm wondering if it'll make my supply drop?

    Also, I have some breast tissue that's a little sore. It's not directly under my nipple but it's the tissue under the areola. At first I thought maybe it was a clogged duct because it feels kind of bumpy or maybe stringy (for lack of a better term) in that area and it was kind of sore... It's not always sore, just off and on.. anyone else experience this?

    One more thing... this kind of refers to my first question... I'm big on feeding on demand and always will be... but I'm just wondering when babies start to maybe have a routine for their eating or go for longer stretches? I know some don't... just wondering if anyone has any ideas... Thanks!
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    Default Re: a couple of probably silly questions...

    I wouldn't worry about your supply. It'll regulate itself to your baby's needs and I doubt a half hour would make a difference anyways.

    I don't have any experiences with clogged ducts, but I'm sure someone on here will be able to give you some great info. Have you tried massaging it in the shower or while you nurse to see if it makes a difference?

    It always seemed to me like my DD was on the boob constantly until she hit about 4 months or so to be honest. Like you said though, every baby is different so it's hard to say what's "normal" and what's not.

    Anyways, I also wanted to say congrats on your new LO and keep up the good work!
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    Default Re: a couple of probably silly questions...

    Your supply should be fine if you go for a couple of hours in between feedings. And if it adjusts, I'd be surprised if you didn't have enough milk.

    As for the pain, it does sound like a clogged duct. The only way out of that is more BFing or pumping. Not sure, maybe others will know what that sort of pain is.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Default Re: a couple of probably silly questions...

    Congrats on your new LO!!!

    Supply...not an issue under the circumstances you describe.

    It sounds like a blocked duct possibly, I get them sometimes as well. I do breast compressions while nursing or pumping, or change positions when nursing so LO will draw harder from the clogged ducts.

    Other ladies are more experienced so I'm sure they will way in as well.

    Good Luck!
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