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    I have a 10 month old who still mainly nurses and only a little solids. She has started to bite during feeding and yesterday she would just bite me for no reason on the leg, shoulder, etc... She has all of her front teeth (8 of them). What can I do to get her to stop without hurting her feelings?

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    The advice I got was to say "No bite!" very quickly - like to get their attention. Then pull them away from your nipple (or other body part).

    With my DD the biting only lasted about 2 weeks on and off and she quickly got the picture that biting was associated with being removed from mommy and that being with mommy was better

    Good luck!
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    Lest this sounds harsh, you can't worry about hurting her feelings. You will have to hurt your childs feelings sooner or later

    But regarding biting specifically You have to nip that in the bud asap. Repeating "no biting" is perfect and it has to be followed with a behaviour that is appropriate and desired. Like "no biting baby girl, give mama kisses" then change the scenery...

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