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Thread: ?, Is he weaned now?

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    Red face ? for LLL and others, Is he weaned now?

    I am the mama whose 2.5 year old was taken away and concealed by his father on March 15, 2008. I have been through the wringer and back, trying to get my hands on my son since then. I feel like I am mourning even though things are brightening up now that I have temporary custody, although my son has not been returned to me yet. I am granted temporary custody of both my 2.5 year old and 6 month old boys until we move forward with custody/visitation hearing. My husband denied my son and I to have any contact since he removed himself from my care and our our home.

    My husband has been avoiding being served with the protection order (50-B), and still has not returned him since the judge granted me temporary custody on the 28th of March. He called the sheriff yesterday stating that he will turn over our son today. I am still waiting.

    My question is whether anyone knows if my son would be completely weaned by now, or if he would still want to nurse when reunited. I believe my husband took him away from me being jealous/resentful of the attachment/bond between me and my son, and also to hurt me. I desire so much to nurse my toddler even though it has been almost 3-weeks since his dad took him away and abruptly weaning him. Is there any hope still ?
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    I'm glad you are getting your son back. I hope your husband returns him soon.

    I don't know what to say about the weaning, though I would guess that if you still have milk (since you are nursing a younger baby) and your son would like to nurse, then you shouldn't have a problem. If I were you I think I'd ask him if he wanted to nurse, but if he says no try not to make him feel bad about it.

    I am very happy that things seem to be turning for the better for you and I'm hoping your husband complies with the law and brings your son back to his mommy as soon as possible.
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    I still haven't gotten my son back since March 15th . Does anyone know if a toddler would be able to nurse after being abruptly weaned and taken away from a mother for over 2-weeks? My husband should be turning him over to me today.

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    Many children have nursing strikes for various reasons, then go back to nursing at some point later. Have you reviewed the information on a nursing strike? You might find some good ideas in this article. http://www.llli.org/NB/NBNovDec92p173.html
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    Thanks so much! I will check now.

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    Goodness gracious, if he was supposed to return him by yesterday and didn't -he's looking at jail time and things will NOT look goood for him custody wise.....the next few days will be hairy for you until you get him back but once you do, things won't look good for him!

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    I remember reading a post somewhere on this site about a toddler re-learning to nurse after stopping for several months. Yours ought to be old enough to remember well that he enjoyed it before, will see you nursing your baby (hopefully), and I would think that that would rekindle his interest.

    I have been thinking about you, worrying, and wondering whatever happened. I am glad you are reasonably OK, but am saddened that you have had to go through this. How cruel of your husband to do this to you and your children. I hope you are reunited very soon with your children.

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    My dd went two+ weeks between nursing sessions a few times.

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    Talking Re: ?, Is he weaned now?

    I did in fact get my toddler back yesterday. He was a bit hesitant about things. Not long did he jump back into the flow of things and pick up where he left off. I initiated nursing by asking him if he wanted to "drink?" He said yes, and kept on playing. Then less than a hour later he told me he want to "drink."

    I was so pleased that he wanted to and still desired to nurse. It was killing me to think about how he may have been weaned being away from me for about 3 weeks, and no contact. He has this overly concerned disposition now, always asking where are we going, what are you doing, where is daddy? With time and loots of nurturing and direct reaasurance, he will come out of that. I am just elated to have him back again, and nursing. Thanks to all of you who gave me support through all of this!

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    I just wanted to add that I'm so happy that you got your son back!
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