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Thread: Camel's milk

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    I was watching tv a while back and these people were eating icecream made from camel milk. They said it was very sweet, but healthy (I think the show was The Desert Speaks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dee View Post
    I thought pasteurization was a good thing, although I've never actually reasearched it. Why do you think it's bad? Just curious, and trying to make educated choices for my baby! Thanks!
    Here are the links I was able to come up with quickly:

    Quote Originally Posted by veenasri View Post
    A friend of mine used to have cows at home and they would supply milk to the residents of that area. This milk was not pasteruized. People dont use it directly though. They boil it first. This is common even today.
    I use it without boiling, as do most if not all of the people I know who buy it from the same source I do.

    Quote Originally Posted by desperate View Post
    Are cows and camels different in terms of their feet? They both have cloven-feet right?
    They are both cloven, but camels don't have a hard hoof like cows. I don't have the book handy (The Maker's Diet), or I would look it up to give more details. I think it may have to do with the multiple stomachs or something. Sorry!

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    I was recently reading an article on camel's milk in "Living Without", a magazine for people with food allergies. It had a side by side analysis of breastmilk, cows milk, goats milk, soy milk, rice milk, camel milk. Oh it also had donkey and horse milk. Donkey, horse, and camel milk are the most like human milk in composition and protiens it says. Donkey is actually the closest! And the camel's milk does have immunoglobulins so it can actually make improve allergies. There is one camel dairy, as the pp said, in Ramona, CA called Oasis Camel Dairy. They have to label it as pet food though becuase it is illegal to transport raw milk for human consumption across state lines. There is a guy who plans on taking camel's milk and pasterizing it and plans to have it in stores in CA by Dec 2008. Anyway, there you go! It was an interesting article. Funny since I had just read another thread by the OP talking about camel's milk. I do agree that it would be strange to try it. I would be a bit afraid.....

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