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Thread: what kind of bottle

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    Default what kind of bottle

    I am currently using the Playtex Ventaire bottles with stage 1 & 2 slow flow nipples. Today, my babysitter said my LO was choking while eating because the flow of milk is too slow for him.
    I thought it was best to keep them using slow flow instead of fast flow. I BF when we're together, morning, evening, and weekends. He only gets 3 bottles a day while I'm at work.
    the weird thing is my MIL watches him too, but she's never said anything about the bottles.

    What should I do? How often are you supposed to change bottles/nipples?

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    I would think he would choke if the flow were too fast, not too slow. Usually choking is a sign of too fast a flow and impatient/frustration is a sign of too slow of a flow. What she said really does not make sense to me. They recommend always using the slowest flow nipples for bf babies because you don't want them to favor the bottle because of the faster flow. To be honest, though, my DD would get impatient/frustrated with the slow flow bottles so we did use the next up medium flow nipple starting around 4 months.

    Could it be possible that the nipples have been used so much that the opening has widened and your lo is getting too fast of a flow from those nipples? It is recommended that you replace the nipples occassionally because of this but I don't remember how frequently.
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    I also feel the choking is from too fast, as my daughter did this. Milk pooled at the back of her throat before she was ready to drink, and she would gag and choke. You may make sure whoever is washing it isn't sticking the bottle brush through the nipple, as this will stretch out the hole.

    We tried Avent (successful with my first child), Ventair, and now have settled on the First Years' Breastflow. It has a nipple inside a nipple, and simulates a let-down, in that the milk doesn't come out right away but after a few sucks. It's been wonderful for a very picky little girl!!

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