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Thread: mammoth feeding episode

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    Default mammoth feeding episode

    Hi, me again

    Sorry to bother you lovely ladies with my silly questions. I'm in the middle of a feeding frenzy with my LO. He's been at it for 2 hours now. Breasts feel empty - been switching him over when he get fussy in the hope that some more milk will have accumulated in other breast while he's been nursing on the other. Weird thing is, when I squeezed one nipple to check, a little milk squirted out so there must be some in there, even though LO is not doing any more long, deep sucking.

    Can I just check - I'm not having a let-down at the start of each latch now - presumably that's because there's not a huge ton of milk in there?

    If there isn't a good reserve of milk, will my LO be getting enough from this feed, or should I try to take him off and distract him in the hope that my boobs will be able to fill up a little for him.

    Or should I let him nibble away - is he at least getting hindmilk this way?

    Sorry if these are silly questions, really want to avoid the resort to formula, which I would normally do at this stage...

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    I remember reading somewhere that after 20 min or so, they are just looking to comfort suck..they are using you as a human paci! After a while I have started to see when my lo does the "switch" and I slip the "real" paci in her mouth and she doesnt even notice the diff and keeps on sucking..this has been a lifesaver on my poor nips!!

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    Trust your lo to know what he is doing!

    It sounds like he is comfort nursing which is fine because this is what helps him build up your supply. If it bothers you, then you can try some distraction techniques to give yourself a break, but, really this is what he is supposed to be doing.

    Your breasts may not be full but they never stop producing milk so they are never empty (they just aren't engoged). And, actually, as you progress in your nursing you will notice your breasts will stop feeling full. DD is now 16 months. I know I am still producing milk but I have not had that full feeling like I had in the first several weeks for a long time now.

    Your lo will know how to stimulate a let down. So, if he wanted one he would know how to get it. He probably just wants to nurse for comfort and not for hunger. Also, some women don't feel let down so you might be having let downs that you don't feel.

    Here is a good link to check out: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/milkproduction.html

    When your breasts feel empty (which of course they never really are) you are producing hindmilk which is fattier. It is good to let them have the hindmilk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlk51496 View Post
    I remember reading somewhere that after 20 min or so, they are just looking to comfort suck..they are using you as a human paci!
    Not true! Some babies do take longer to nurse. As long as they are having plenty of wet and poopy diapers and gaining and growing, nursing longer is not cause for alarm, and definitely not a sign that baby is just pacifying. Taking baby off the breast before he is finished can lead to low weight gain and lowered milk production.

    To the OP, here is the information you're looking for:


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