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Thread: catch up feedings?

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    Default catch up feedings?

    for the 1st time my lo slept for nearly a stretch of 6 hrs!! 1-7am. but then he woke up wailing again at 8am. if baby sleeps for longer stretches do they need to catch up with more frequent feedings in the morning?? he's never slept through so i'm not sure. he usually woke up around the clock every 2-3 hrs.

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    My DD sleeps about 8-9 hours a night (I know, I am LUCKY!!!) But in the morning she is STARVING!!! She goes to bed about 9, wakes up at 5 or 6 to eat, then again at 7, then again at 8:30, then again around 10 or so. So she defiantely makes up for it in the morning. Luckly I have never had a problem with my supply dropping either! HTH!
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