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Thread: Reglan? Give up hope?

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    Unhappy Reglan? Give up hope?

    Has anybody taken Reglan to increase milk supply? Is it always effective? I don't like taking medication and this is my last resort. My midwive isn't eager to prescribe this for me since I'm already feeling down (inadequate as a mother, body doesn't function as God intended to do the most healthy and natural thing for my baby, etc...), but she will I think. Do you have to continue to take it, or just until supply increases.

    I originally had problems pumping enough that has progressed to a supply issue. LO is 4 1/2 months and is now being supplemented with formula at the sitters three days a week (since last week) and sometimes has a couple ounces after nursing before bed. I don't even like to think of formula as an alternative, and am desperately hoping this is a temporary measure. My biggest indicator I have low supply is her diaper output, though there are other indicators. Note that I have already tried a hospital grade pump, cosleeping and nursing through the night, power pumping, pumping after LO eats, massage and compression, oatmeal, fenugreek, blessed thistle, I drink sooo much water, have a great diet, good environment for pumping at work, support from dh, friends, and family, get as much rest as I can, and have consulted with an lc. I'm not pg, on any meds, no af. DD was thriving on breast milk alone until a few weeks ago. After all I've tried recently, I doubt that Reglan is my magic ticket to milkdom, but thought I'd inquire on your experiences. It seems from everything I read on this and other sites that I must be doing something wrong and that I shouldn't just stop producing enough milk for my baby. True?

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    JMHE. I don't know about meds. I couldn't get an RX because I was told, "You just think you have a problem". Like that makes me feel better when I only have 2 bottles for 10hrs at DC. The only thing I have found that helped me was lactation cookies. I did a search on-line for the recipe.

    I promise, you are not the only one to have problems pumping enough. Just keep trying and give as much bm as you can.

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    Here is one resource that describes the pros and cons of Reglan and other prescription galactagogues:

    Here is a link that describes different things that can cause lowered production:

    Here is a video that shows how to maximize milk output (pumping):

    Have you called your local LLL Leader for support?

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