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Thread: Cracked Nipples AGAIN

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    My little boy is nearly 9 months now and we have had a difficult bfing journey. I had thrush and mastitis and cracked nipples for the first 12 weeks and was in agony the whole time! I was determined to bf though and things settled when he was three months. It was wonderful for another three months, then when he started on solids and got his four front teeth his latched seemed to change and i was cracked and bleeding again. He also went through a period of biting at every feed, sooo painful but he now seems to be over that thank goodness! Anyway those cracks healed by themselves a few weeks ago and things seemed ok... But this morning I'm bleeding and in pain again! He has another tooth on its way so maybe he is changing the way he sucks? I love feeding him and can deal with the pain but it just feels like such hard work at the moment. He is allergic to dairy so I'm off all dairy products too, which is fine and after 5 months I'm used to it but at times like this I feel like why am i breast feeding still? I have to take suppliments to get enough calcium, can't eat half the foods i used too, and am in pain all the time and agony when i feed him!

    I really wanted to carry on till he self weaned but i'm not sure if i can cope with this pain everytime he gets a new tooth. I'm not sure why i have posted really I'm just feeling down about the whole thing. I would feel so guilty about stopped feeding for selfish reasons and i would miss it and feel like I've let him down by not letting him have it as long as he wants. I don't want to stop but i'm not sure if i can do it much longer!

    Apologies this has turned into a very long ramble. Thanks for reading if you got this far,


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    You will find all kinds of "avoiding dairy" support in the allergies section (scroll waay down the forum listings).

    Teething can cause a change in how baby latches. Here's some helpful information:

    Here's some info about healing cracks:

    Do you have any support? Have you contacted your local LLL Leader?

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    I am so sorry this experience has been so hard on you! I was moments away from giving up on BF myself because of the pain...but that was only after the first two weeks! (Hung in there because of gals on this site, now I'm loving it!)

    Kudos for you for surviving a less than ideal situation. No advice, but I am really, REALLY impressed with your dedication.

    Good luck, mama!

    20 hours of hypnobirthing and I LOVED every second of it!

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