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    One of my girls does this funny head shaking thing before she latches on. She thrashes her head back and forth like she's frantically trying to find the nipple even though it's already in her mouth, she just needs to start sucking. She did this when we first started trying to nurse in the NICU and I figured she'd outgrow it, but she hasn't. She does it at the breast, but also with a bottle or pacifier. Anyone else have a little one who does this?

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    Yep, DS did that for a few months. Also banging his head into the nipple
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    my son does this. He's a little over 3 weeks now. It reminds me of when puppies or kittens shake their food when they eat it.
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    This is your baby's rooting reflex. It is totally normal!

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    Yeah, as the pp said, it's the rooting reflex. DD is 6 months old, and I noticed her doing this the other day when we were feeding her solids. She hasn't done it for a while when she nurses, but she looked pretty funny rooting for a spoon full of bananas!
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