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Thread: 7 mo old trying to drop a feeding?

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    Default 7 mo old trying to drop a feeding?

    My ds is 7 months old and eats solids three times a day (always with BF beforehand). His schedule has been pretty regular for a while now:

    BF 1st thing in the morning, around 7
    BF + solids at 9am ("breakfast")
    BF + solids at noon ("lunch")
    BF sometime between 1 and 4 ("snack")
    BF + solids around 5 ("dinner")
    BF or bottle with EBM before bed
    and one time up at night for BF around 3 or 4am

    For the last few days, he seems hungry at "snack" time but when we settle down to nurse he's fussy and doesn't seem interested. I've tried again at intervals and we end up not having that meal at all and moving "dinner" a little earlier.
    Is it likely that he's trying to drop that feeding? Would that be typical for his age and the frequency of solid meals?

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    Default Re: 7 mo old trying to drop a feeding?

    It sounds like he's dropping that feeding. As babies get older, they can do for longer without nursing. Nursing + solids at noon, then nursing plus solids at 5pm (or a little earlier) means five hours from the start of one nursing to the start of another. It's quite a long time for a baby to go without some kind of food, but maybe that's what he needs for now.

    Be prepared for all this to change again here in a few days. Babies rarely stay on the same schedule for long.

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