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Thread: One more month till back to work!

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    Default One more month till back to work!

    I am a first time mom, and will be back to work in four weeks! I am not quite sure the best way to make sure she (our 2 month old cutie) gets enough to eat while I am back at work full time. She has been eating every 2-3 hours except at night, which is every 3-5. Is a hospital breast pump that I rent the best way to go? I don"t want her to go back to supplementing formula. Also, she will only sleep in her bouncer next to our bed at night, but will nap during the day in her bed. Is this bad for her? I worry about her posture and digestion, plus lately she has stopped her 5 hour sleeping stretches. How do I get her to sleep in her pac and play in our room?
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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum!

    It sounds as if you have a few concerns, going back to work seems like the most important to you. The pump you rented is a terrific idea. Is your workplace accommodating you? How often will you be able to pump? Is there a fridge you can use? Many mothers save time by removing the tubing when they are done and placing it into the refridgerator until the end of the day. Breast milk is good for around 10 days in the fridge, so it makes sense that the milk in the tubes won't rot within a few hours

    I have read some material that suggest that it is best to avoid placing the baby in a carrier/bouncer to sleep habitually because of the chance of a flat spot. I understand using a bouncer though, I did it too. Sometimes we do the best we can. Have you considered buying a co-sleep that attaches the your bed?

    At two months old the best I can only say that any sleep schedule she might have is subject to change. You factor in things such as developmental milestones, teething, growth spurts that require more frequent nursing- everything is still in flux! Try placing yourself to sleep earlier to make up some of the missed sleep. It's all temporary!

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