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Thread: What should a BF mom be eating

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    My doc just told me "you'll make yourself crazy if you start worrying about it too much: you're a healthy person already, so just remember to eat a good variety foods and don't wait until you're starving to have something to eat."

    For quick foods, I keep things like granola bars, yogurt, bananas, cheese, and other quick-fix, generally healthy snacks around. I also have instant oatmeal a lot...I know it's not as good as traditional stuff, but with my high-need baby I just don't have time to spend waiting for it to cook in the morning.
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    Everyone who is breastfeeding should supplement omega 3's I would think. My Dr. has me on a double dose, our diets are typically lacking in this and it is hard to actually get enough through diet. Plus it really helps with hormones (stabilizing them!) and keeping up mood.

    I focus on eating enough protein (over 50 grams a day is my goal) I feel so much better when I do that. I am working on all organic (when we are home) and grass-fed beef, natural pork and chicken, and free range eggs. What is put in the food YOUR food eats makes a big difference in nutrition. Lots and lots of milk (organic no hormones added).

    I also snack all day on veggies and fruit. Cut them up the night before so you can just grab some and snack. I have my veggies with humus in the afternoons for a pick me up, it seems to help.

    I find that if I am eating enough protein and veggies and fruit I naturally don't eat much simple carbs.

    As for prenatal when ever you take a supplement caspsules are typically better than a tablet. Tablets typically have binders in them that are hard for your body to breakdown and you are not getting as much actually absorbed into your body.

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    I'm a vegetarian, and I've gotten a lot of flak from certain family members and friends about my diet, both when I was pregnant and now that I'm breastfeeding. These are well-meaning folks, but what they don't understand is that I'm doing something right by being a veg. My "little" baby boy was 11 lb 2 oz at birth and at 11 weeks, he weighs 15 lbs. Not fat or chubby, he's just a big, healthy boy.

    I typically eat a big breakfast with eggs, English muffin with butter or a little bit of cream cheese, hash brown potatoes, and a cup of yogurt or a piece of fruit. I have a snack sometime during the morning, usually a piece of fruit and/or a granola bar. For lunch, it's usually something like a big sandwich or a big bowl of Asian noodle soup with veggies and some sort of protein like tofu or tempeh or seitan, a small salad and a piece of fruit. I have a snack again in the afternoon, something like cheddar cheese and crackers with fruit or raw veggies, or maybe a vegetarian sushi roll made with tempeh and cream cheese or maybe some cottage cheese. Dinner is usually something hearty, like a big dish of pasta with beans and veggies, salad and homemade bread, and I usually have some kind of desert with dinner, either something made with fruit or once in a while junk food like ice cream. >GRIN< Throughout the day, I drink constantly - either unsweetened fruit juice or water. I'll usually drink anywhere from 60 to 80 oz of fluids in a day, and I always keep a thermos of juice or water on my nightstand.

    The kicker is, I nearly fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes already! I just have to get my belly toned up again. Having that little 11lb baby kinda stretched my tummy to it's limits, I think... So, I try to fit in about 30 minutes of yoga every day, and once the snow melts here in the mountains, I'll start walking my two miles every day.


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    I found that if I do not eat in the am before bfing I get sick to my stomach and sometimes throw up. I as told it had a lot to do with my sugar dropping. I take a multivitamin (prenatals made me so sick), calcium, Omega 3, Flax seed and fish oil, and a supplement b/c I am lactose intolerant that is similar to what you get from yougert (trying to keep yeast away). Water and lots of it are a must!!! Hope that helps

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