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Thread: He NEEDS to sleep through the night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danlynclark View Post
    Is it possible for you to go back to newborn survival mode aka. Sleep when the baby sleeps mode for the time-being? Thats what I've been doing. I go to sleep before 9 PM. I have NO life, but it makes me feel like I'm getting more sleep in than if I wait til 10 or 11 just as DS is starting to get wakeful for the night.

    What time does DH start work? Or can Gma take X for an hour or two in the morning so you can get some alone sleep. That always does wonders.

    I've been napping some during the day. Ray and Gma go to work about the same time and the GOM..well...he's useless when it comes to taking care of Xander. I'll try some teething meds tomorrow night and see if that helps any.

    thanks ladies...

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    Default Re: He NEEDS to sleep through the night.

    I totally understand. Will has been staying latched on so long I just give up unlatching him and try to sleep. I use tylenol and it will help put him to sleep for the first few hours. Takes about an hour to kick in.

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