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Thread: white nipples?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidens Mommy View Post
    Just wanted to chime in here. In my opinion, the Boppy is too soft of a pillow to help LO get up to breast level. If you are leaning forward, you will create a new host of problems..first of which is an aching back. Try the Breast Friend pillow. Nice and firm, and has a lumbar type of support as the pillow wraps around your back.

    My LC consultant showed me how to "smoosh" or "smash" LO onto the breast to get a deeper latch. It seemed harsh to me, but worked like a charm. Once you tickle the lip and get a gaping open mouth, using your hand on the upper back/neck of LO, smash them onto the breast, kinda forcing them to get on deeper. It works.....
    I think that all this time I have been trying to put the breast into her mouth, instead of putting her mouth onto the breast. I started doing it the right way last night, and, NO PAIN!! crazy how that works!

    Loving being a first time mom to Mia Lynn! Born 2/26/08!!

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    Coming home: 7 lbs 6 oz
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    5.5 mos- 17 lbs 2 oz
    10 mos- ~20 lbs

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    Thats wonderful that you are resolving your pain issues. Having breast pain can really affect the way you feel about breastfeeding your baby!

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    YAY!! So glad I helped. Sometimes I get lazy and find myself doing just what you said, putting my breast to baby rather than using the "smoosh" method. Makes a big difference when you have a LO who is looking for guidance. Then when I nurse my toddler...HA!! what a difference...then I have to watch out for Mr. teeth
    Leslie- Momma to Aiden 02/28/06 AND Owen 2/28/08...What timing

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