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Thread: No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

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    Default No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

    My baby is 4 days old and my milk is not in yet. So far she was happy with colostrom, but the last she has been very hungry and even hour or so of nursing also doesn't help her. So I hadd to supplement couple feedings. Any other ways to get through the situation, untill milk comes in or any help to get milk faster. She cries a lot, untill I give her a bit of formula for hunger. Please help.

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    I'm no expert and hopefully a leader will chime in soon but I would stop the supplements if at all possible. I would nurse that baby constantly if possible. This is how you're going to increase your milk supply. The supplements may decrease your chances of establishing that supply. How many wet and dirty diapers was he/she getting before the supplements? The crying could be something other than hunger. I would stop supplemetning at least for a few days and count the wet and dirty diapers. Here is some info on that. http://www.kellymom.com/newman/04enough_milk.html Skin to skin contact may help. http://www.kellymom.com/newman/01a-skin-to-skin.html Is he latching on correctly? http://www.kellymom.com/bf/start/bas...resources.html Get in contact with your local LLL Leader or lactation consultant for one-on-one help too.
    I wish you all the best and hope that you are able to build your supply and be successful.
    LLL Leader Cabarrus County, North Carolina

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    Default Re: No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

    thoose are great links..
    heres one here from LLL:

    you can do it!
    Lots of skin to skin contact
    nursing at least 8-12 times in 24 hours

    and this will help when your milk does come in

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    Default Re: No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

    STOP THE SUPPLEMENTS!!!!!!!!! It will only hurt your breastfeeding relationship! Just keep putting baby to breast.
    Mommy to E 12 , K 10 , A almost 6 , and Little J 20 weeks

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    Default Re: No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

    I must agree with all the posts. Get off that supplement asap, or your milk will really take a long time to come in. What you are telling your breasts is "don't be in any hurry to produce milk because the demand is not there". Which is not true, so you have to tell the breasts what to do, and the only way is to put that baby to breast, even when they don't want to feed.

    For my second baby, I put her to the breast every 20 minutes, because she would cry every 20 minutes after she fed for 10 minutes. The milk came in 12 hours. I did that for 12 hours.

    But she was very happy afterwards and so was I.

    Just put that baby to breast. Your milk will definitely come in. My first baby took 5 days.

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    Default Re: No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

    I agree on dropping the supplements. Nursing often is the best way for you to get your milk to come in. Sometimes if there is a reason you can't nurse then pumping will help to bring supply in but nursing is best!

    Mom to Lainey (11-8-06)

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    Default Re: No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

    it was a good 5+ days before my milk came in!! the baby and a pump will help you so you dont have to suppliment!!!

    -Wife to Joe 5-15-04
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    -Breastfed both of them for one whole year
    -Now a new mom of 3: Emily Theresa born 12-14-11
    -Breastfeeding again and hope to go the full year!

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