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Thread: just need to vent

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    Have you ever seen a breastfeeding commercial with a fine print disclaimer saying "formula is best"? I know there aren't really any ads out there for BF (there should be), but if formula was really better, then companies wouldn't have to even mention BF in their ads. You almost always see "Breast is best, ask your pediatrician" in the formula commercials. Formula companies are pushing to sell their product, but still somewhat have to acknowledge that BF is better.

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    It just goes to show you the power of persuasive marketing. I am sure the formulas with DHA and ARA and natural cultures, etc., have convinced her that formula is superior to human milk. As for me, I have a very hard time seeing how any synthetically made or enhanced products can improve on mother nature, but our culture has lost touch with nature a LONG time ago. How sad for your friend to believe so strongly in something that is just plain wrong!

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    I used to believe that as a BFing mom I should just lead by example and provide info when asked or when out and out attacked by a misinformed person.

    Now that I am actually living with the proof of nature's miraculous feeding system, I just can't hold my tongue anymore.

    When someone is being rude or obnoxious, I just say, "too bad the child is more likely grow up with a lower IQ, more allergies , weaker immunity, obesity and Type II diabetes". I don't talk about the benefits of breastfeeding anymore. I talk about the HAZARDS of formula feeding. That wakes them up.

    Then I add my personal twist. My baby, who came into the world without a developed immune system has warded off her getting three colds, the flu and even didn't get Mom's second outbreak of chickenpox ! Here this baby is crawling all over me, skin to skin all night and throughout the day, coming into direct contact with my oozing pox and doesn't get it!

    No way can formula beat that!

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    That's amazing about your dear g'mother!! Rather shocking that people grow up to be functional at ALL with information like that.

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