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Thread: When to give juice??

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    We only give juice as an occasional treat or if dd is sick and not eating. I always dilute it (but then I dilute it when I drink it as well). I didn't give juice until she was over 1, but I believe she sometimes got it at day care before that.
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    We are the same as many pp. We never give juice. She's always loved her water and I have just never seen any sense in giving her juice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfly629 View Post
    Great feedback. I was never a big fan of giving it to my ds but boy there are so many people that do. BUT they aren't breastfeeders and in my mind (am I weird) breastfeeders and non breastfeeders are different as far as what they give their babies....... I am glad I'm not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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