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Thread: Bites while teething

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    Default Bites while teething

    DS has two bottom teeth and two top teeth. He bite when he is teething, and he's getting two more teeth. It is starting to hurt, and my nips are beginning to get sore. I push his face into my breast when he bites, but when I let him go, he smiles. I think he likes it

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    Default Re: Bites while teething

    Try taking him off the breast and tell him no bite it hurts. I have had very little trouble but it helps when I remove her from my lap for a few seconds. You can also try giving him a teething ring(cold or a cold towel) about ten minutes before you nurse to see if that helps
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    Well my lo is doing the same thing. I cry in pain and he stops, but sometimes smiles. He doesn't clamp down but will slowly bite down. I nurse him down to sleep and it is driving me crazy, because pulling him off and walking away sometimes wakes him up more. And my LO hates cold things on his teeth!

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    MY LO has just turned 9 mo & has 2 top/2 bottom teeth and MORE are on the way! He is sooo uncomfortable. He is also biting while nursing and also biting my arms, shoulders, stomach...anything he can get his teeth on! I feel bad for him, but also for me!!!

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