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Thread: Breastmilk is all we need!!

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    I'm glad I posted this...it's absolutely amazing what breastmilk can do. I'm not really sure of everything breastmilk can do, but it can't hurt to try it. Thank you for sharing everyone.
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    heh... i so should have thought of doing this yesterday! i was biting my nail (it was broken... but, i know, i shouldnt bite nails) and ended up bitimg my thumb nail waaaay too short... so, its been killing me... and i never knew how much i needed my thumb! lol... i tried everything! but, of course, didnt even think of breastmilk. i'm soaking it now!

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    I just finished reading this when I talked to a girlfriend of mine whose wedding I'm in this weekend. She said that she has a huge scratch on her arm and she was hoping it would go away by this weekend. I told her too bad I wasn't in the same town... I could give her some mommy milk to put on it!

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