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Thread: problems with re-lactating

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    Unhappy problems with re-lactating


    My dd is 4 mons now.She has been bfing since birth.At 7 wks she was hospitalized due to viral infection and got used to a bottle.Then she was put on hypoallergenic formula for 1 mon supposing that she might be allergic to milk and soy protein where she forgot totally about bfing.Now I am on restricted diet and pumping for her. Now that she is on pumped milk,I want her to breastfeed again but she is making this very difficult. She identifies bottle and breast,pulls bak her head strongly and doesn't even try to latch and cries suddenly. I m
    I do pump every 3-4hrs,but bfing her might help me produce for a longer time.
    I apprecite all your replies.

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    Default Re: problems with re-lactating

    You will need to totally relax when you try this . I didnt give my baby the bottle when he came back home and I soothed him exclusively and when he was hungry enough he latched on . hope this helps.

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    Default Re: problems with re-lactating

    Is there a Lac Consultant that can help you through this? It sounds like you might benefit from a little one-on-one help before you get too flustered...

    Good luck! And you can do it!

    20 hours of hypnobirthing and I LOVED every second of it!

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    In addition to a lactation consultant I highly recommend you contact your local LLL leader. (see my signature). They can talk through everything with you and provide you with lots of resouces! Just know that many women have been where you are, and it is possible to nurse again!

    Good luck!

    Anne- Mom to two active boys: Henry 10/06 and Jamie 4/09

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