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Thread: hurdles to returning to work

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    Default hurdles to returning to work

    Okay all...need your expertise once again. I just found out I will be returning to work in 2 weeks, for 3 days a week. I have decided to continue BF my 5 1/2mo BG until the year mark (or beyond) but I have a few issues surrounding my return to work.

    Issue #1 Baby won't take BM from cup or bottle
    My 5 1/2 month old eats pureed fruits and veggies like a champ but she will not take BM from anything but the breast. I just found out yesterday (by putting a tiny bit of diluted juice in her sippy) that she can drink from a cup if she wants to, but she still just spits water or BM out.

    Issue #2 Getting baby to sleep without BF
    I will be working 2 of the 3 nights a week once I go back to work so I won't be the one to put her to sleep. Up until now, our bedtime routine is bath, play, BF to sleep and I am always the one to do it. I am afraid that without me home to BF her to sleep, dad and baby will have a REALLY hard time of it. Any suggestions on how to start a transition into a bed time routine that doesn't involve BF to sleep???

    Some random questions:

    Will it confuse my BG if I BF her some times but not others? (I will work 3 shifts a week but they will vary, nights and days...will BFing her when I'm there, and bottle when I'm not be too wishy-washy for her?)

    What can I do to get out of the trap of BFing her to sleep? Ideally, I'd like to be able to feed her, then perhaps read her a book or cuddle for a few...THEN place her in her crib so she can put herself to sleep. Is this a dream? Can it really happen without CIO?

    If baby eats every 2 hrs, when I am at work do I need to pump as often or can I pump every 3 and keep my supply?

    Should I bother to teach a bottle at all or should I go right for the cup?

    Thanks in advance for your help! I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about returning to work because of the 2 main issues mentioned above...

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    Default Re: hurdles to returning to work

    are you the one trying to feed her the bottle??? I have read on these forums that many mommys have problems with their baby not taking the bottle from their mommys bec they are no dummies - the "tap" is right there!! But they have had better success when you are not around, bec they really have no choice -- not like daddy or grandma can offer!!
    (Sorry even I can't take the visuals!!!!)

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    Default Re: hurdles to returning to work

    I understand about the bottles......I went through almost every bottle brand just to find my son LOVES First Years Breastflow. He likes them so much that he will reach out and pull the bottle out of my hands into his mouth The others he would scream at. Plus the Breastflow bottles makes them work for it like the breast.

    Good Luck!!!!
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    Default Re: hurdles to returning to work

    I have never been the one to offer the bottle, always dad or grandma. And she actually took bottles fine until 3 mos when there was a 2 week stretch where I didn't need a babysitter so no one gave her a bottle in that 2 week period. Next thing we know, she won't take them at all!

    And we have tried EVERY brand.

    Like I said...I think she is scamming us. I put that juice in her sippy cup and she sucked that down like a champ.

    Do you think that "if she gets hungry enough" she'll do the same for BM?

    If not, and she goes 8 hrs without BM but gets plenty of pureed food, will she be okay?

    20 hours of hypnobirthing and I LOVED every second of it!

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    Default Re: hurdles to returning to work

    I think this problem depends on how flexible the baby is willing to be. My daughter....is not flexible at all! I work part time 12-16 hours per week since she was 8 weeks old. She is 5 months now and is still refusing the bottle! Yes I have tried every kind...no go. If I work an 8 hour shift she will eventually drink a few ounces ...then eat all night when i get home. The sleep is also a huge problem here, she crys alot while i'm away. I even take a week off here and there b/c i feel bad for my hubby. I work per diem as a nurse so i have the option of being flexible. I now mostly do 4 hour shifts which is better for everyone. it's been really hard...i hope u have better luck!

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