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Thread: 9 Months Old, What to eat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowser625 View Post
    How long do you boil the chicken for?

    Isn't that made of whole milk? I didn't think we could give milk products yet until they are one?
    I boil mine overnight for stock. If you're not making stock, just give it a try after an hour or so, and see if it pulls apart real easily.

    It's up to the individual, I think. Some would probably prefer to wait, especially if there is a history of allergies in the family. I think the "whole milk after one year" recommendation comes from the idea that the milk will be replacing formula in bottles, and milk wouldn't have the right nutrition profile to make up most of the day's calories.

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    My dd is 9 mos tomorrow! So we are there too. She is not wanting "baby food" too much now..and is not crazy about baby cereal. So we have tried soft cubes of tofu, cheerios, regular oatmeal cooked soft, soft cooked chicken, rice, soft carrotts, adult apple sauce, and she is thrilled to eat what we eat. As far as the yogurt..I read that it is because of the good bacteria in it, that it can be offered earlier than other dairy.
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    I haven't given Cheerio's because of the amount of sugar in them. I give my lo brown rice puffs or millet puffs instead. I really want to try tofu though.

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    My ds is turning 9 months on the 7th! He still nurses A LOT (every three hours), even when I do give him some solids too. He seems to be a pretty light eater. He will eat, but only a little bit at a time. I usually offer him some mashed foods 2 to 3 times a day.

    He absolutely loves yams, that's gotta be his favorite food. I'm waiting until 12 months to introduce dairy and meat. He also eats some soft legumes such as steamed green beans and well cooked lentils (for protein and iron). Surprisingly, he also likes the taste of leafy greens, such as collards. I just steam and mash them. I also started putting just a little tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil and flax seed oil with his veggies and grains.

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