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Thread: Anyone Else on Overload?

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    Default Anyone Else on Overload?

    I'm blessed to work part-time, but on my work days things are CRAZY! So it's get home at 5:30, nurse the baby, tend to the toddler, have dinner, put baby to bed at 7, put toddler to bed at 8, take a shower, fold laundry, take care of dishes, sit down around 9 PM and then baby is up by about 9:30 for me to nurse her again. Sometimes I feel pretty overloaded. On my non-work days, I feel like I am trying to catch up on things around the house, grocery shop, etc.

    It all goes back to the age-old debate of career and motherhood versus staying at home full time. I love being a mom and have a wonderful career. I am SO blessed.

    I just think we working mothers need a huge pat on the back and a lot of appreciation from our husbands for everything we juggle as working moms.

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    Default Re: Anyone Else on Overload?

    ::: patting you on the back :::

    You're doing a great job. Motherhood is hard. Keep up the good work!
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    Default Re: Anyone Else on Overload?

    I start back to work next week and am anticipating being very strung out and overwhelmed. Unlike you I only have the one baby (4 mos old DS). I can't imagine also having a toddler! I feel a little selfish that I want to work (I don't have to) but I love my job and still have goals for myself. So I compromised and am also just working PT. Of course, my boss will still be expecting me to be as productive as a FT employee I'm trying to let some things go (like obsessive cleanliness) and ask DH for help more often (he doesn't often get it unless I spell it out ).

    You're doing great! We moms do need encouragement and pats on the back more often

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    Default Re: Anyone Else on Overload?

    mama2girls I'm on overload and I'm not even back to work yet

    Just last weekend I posted on my "mommy burnout". I had a great conversation w/ hubby to try to take some of the load off.

    We decided the kids come first. Then we juggle everything else and hope there's some "us" time in there after laundry, dishes, groceries, baths, feeding, driving the teenager all over the place...you get the picture. What helped is ASKING for HELP. I wasn't. I thought I could/should do it all b/c I was home. I had to re-prioritize and get some help, or going back to work was going to be meltdown city.

    Like Luke's mom, I have to spell a lot out to dh, but he was very receptive after seeing me go a little crazy This past week he's been fantastic.

    So here's my hug to you and back pats to all of us for juggling kids, careers and families

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