Hi ladies,

My 7 mo. old is being pretty random at night. Some nights she sleeps beautifully, waking only to feed, which she usually does 2X a night (and empties both breasts when she does, so she needs it!). Some nights, she wakes up every hour or even more, just needing to be put back to sleep again, which I or my DH can do within just a few minutes with gentle rocking. Some nights she wakes every 2 hours and screams more when picked up and takes up to 45 minutes to get back to sleep (45 minutes of us rocking her, of me comfort nursing, whatever it takes).

She rarely wakes up with a cry, mostly it just begins with fussing and escalates. So, I'm not sure if she's waking up in pain or what.

So I guess my questions are:

How do I know if she's experiencing teething pain? I see no obvious inflammation, there's no excessive drooling, she does however, have ruby red cheeks all the time. (She has no teeth yet.)

Any comments/advice on what to do when she screams more when picked up, rather than less? Neither DH nor myself will do CIO, but... do we make it worse by picking her up? And if so, why? Any ideas what's happening here?

I know people are probably thinking "solids - what did she eat?" But I've already tracked this (it's been happening for over a month now) and I can't connect it to any particular food. Could it be simple (ha ha, simple) digestive adjustments? Gas? How do we tell?

Any insights would be much appreciated, as well as shared experiences. Thanks in advance.