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Thread: very fussy at breast

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    My son is 4 months old, exclusively breast-fed from birth and has excellent weight gain. He nursed every 1.5 hrs during the day until about 12 weeks old, then abruptly (within 2-3 days) transitioned (on his own) to a 3-4 hr feeding routine during the day. At the same time this happened, he developed very fussy nursing behavior. He screams and fusses if I try to feed him when he's not hungry (for instance, if it's been 2.5 hrs and he seems fussy). In other words, can't pacify him at the breast - only uses it to eat from.

    For many daytime feedings he fusses as soon as we get into position, then latches on, fusses until I let down (which only takes about 10 sucks) and then continues to be fussy for the whole feed. He will calm down, then will go along sucking just fine and then out of the blue just start screaming, then I coax him back on and then he's fine for another minute and then starts screaming again. This is all within the first 5 min of the feeding session. I know I have a good supply. I'm a physician myself and I really do not think he has reflux and he has never had colic. I know the milk is there, and I don't think I have too-fast or too-slow let down. He doesn't gulp or choke a lot and I can hear him swallowing the milk. I give him a bottle of pumped milk only rarely since we have had lots of troubles with him taking a bottle. He's always had tons of wet and poopy diapers.

    Interestingly, since one month old he has slept well at night with only one night-time feed. ** He feeds very peacefully with no crying during his night-time feeds!

    I sometimes dread even trying to put him to the breast for fear of inducing a meltdown!!!!!!!

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and is there anything I can do about it? I feel bad that he seems so unhappy breastfeeding much of the time!!!!!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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    I have a 3 mo dd. Just this past week she has been a bit fussy when I have tried to nurse her in the afternoons on the second side only. (She eats ~ every 3 hrs.)
    My DD is 12.5 lbs and I can hold her (craddle) w/o support to nurse. I have just recently found that if i hold her standing and rock back and forth she is a lot less fussy and nurses better. I also have started to try and burp her before I feed her and more frequently throughout the feeding.

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    My baby is just about 4 months and it seems like she is learning to be picky...she wants to be held a certain way and hold my shirt a certain way and nurse from a certain side and fusses until it's right. A lot of people say that this is the age when they become easily distracted and want to see everything going on...maybe it's just a behavioral thing for this age?

    My suggestion would be to try changing things from your end. If he cries during nursing, I would stop and try to do something else (play, diaper, etc.). If he is really indicating that he's hungry and then fussing, then I would try offering the other breast, burping, holding differently, etc.

    Of course, an ear infection or thrush could result in that behavior, too (hurts to suck), but I assume you have already ruled that out. Good luck - please let us know if you figure out a cause or solution so we can all benefit!

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