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Thread: overactive letdown & the older infant

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    Default overactive letdown & the older infant

    Hi all,
    I have been nursing my daughter almost exclusively for 8 months. She eats some solids and has experienced the occasional bottle of formula. About two months ago she started demonstrating some severe reflux type symptoms. Long story short, we have been to lots of doctors and she has been taking Prevacid for 9 weeks now. The med (which I'm not totally thrilled about giving to her) hasn't shown too many results, so I started talking to other moms about symptoms, etc. One mentioned overactive letdown as a possibility. Are there any other mothers out there with overactive letdown and an older infant? If so how did you make changes and did you see results? Thanks!!

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    Default Re: overactive letdown & the older infant

    Here are a few articles about OALD


    I had OALD but we noticed it when my son was 3 weeks old. I block fed him ever since and I noticed an improvement in a couple weeks. I'll be back with more help but baby needs to go down for a nap.

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