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Thread: Newborn would rather sleep than eat

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    Default Newborn would rather sleep than eat

    Our baby is 9 days old. She weighed 6.6 at birth, and was at 6 when we left the hospital. At the last doctors visit two days ago she was down to 5.12 and we are concerned.
    She sleeps approx 22+ of 24 hours and I have to wake her for each feeding. She has learned to latch on well, however after a few sucks she falls asleep and then I have to spend the next hour trying all the wake-up tricks in order for her to nurse. I tickle her feet, use a wet wash cloth, strip her down to her diaper, etc. Still...she sleeps. The doctor advised us to add an ounce of formula to her diet after each feeding (with a cup or eye dropper) so that she can build some strength and energy...however that is also a challenge as she is constantly sleeping.
    We are nervous and frustrated. Any advice is appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Newborn would rather sleep than eat

    I went through something very similar with my son when he was a newborn, however he had jaundice. I had to strip him down to a diaper before every feeding and then blow on him when he started to fall asleep. If that's not enough, you may want to try feeding your baby near an open window or outside (as long as its not too hot or cold where you live). The breeze could help keep her awake. Good Luck!

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    this happened to us to along with a trip to the hospital at 5 days for dehydration...the ped eventually had me stop nursing! and bottle feed to measure his intake...it took forever to recover after a week of this...what worked for me was a local leader and meeting....hands on help...along with constant skin to skin contact have you husband bring baby to you in the tub, no soaps just water and holding your lo....all of this got us past the trouble...it wasn't till 1 month when we got back to birth weight....

    if you MUST supplment, i highly recomend an supplemntal Nurser as it will keep your supply from dropping
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    Default Re: Newborn would rather sleep than eat

    Did she have jaundice? Sleeping a lot is a very common problem with jaundiced babies. Does she care when you delatch her? My son hated that so I would keep a finger near his mouth like I was going to take him off my breast and that would keep him sucking.

    As a pp said a SNS, or supplemental nursing system, would be a good alternative if the doc. is serious about you supplementing. http://www.selfexpressions.com/supnursys.html that way your baby can continue to eat at the breast but you can monitor the intake. Or you can pump some breastmilk and give that instead of formula which would be better for baby anyway. Just make sure you have bottles that help promote the same latch used at the breast so you can continue nursing after your get this all figured out.

    Contact your local leader, it's at the top of the page. They are usually really great about coming to you or talking to you over the phone which is sometimes more helpful then we can be online.

    Good luck, I know it's hard now but you will figure it out. Continue nursing every 2-3 hours and watch the diaper output. Your baby should be having 6-8 wet and 1-3 poopy diapers a day when they are getting enough milk.

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