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    Question Probiotics

    Ok I am learning what they are. I have known for a long time about acidophalus (sp?) and antibiotics etc. I also know its in pill and yogert. But how do I give some to LO? He cant swallow a pill and he cant have yogert yet. is there a liquid kind? whats the dose for a not quite 2 month old? Do I need Ped ok? If I take/eat it does he get enough that way?

    I would love to know more about probiotics.

    and sorry

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    heres some info to start with

    you can get powder at the health food store.

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    I would definately ask pedi first and I don't think it would be as beneficial unless you or LO are on antibiotics or if your LO is having tummy trouble. If not, I would wait until LO can have yogurt. As you probably know, probiotics are mainly used to promote gut health, so I would use with colicky baby or gassy baby. It's good to introduce when LO's start solids to help digest new foods.
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    I believe there is probiotics in breastmilk...... My dd has had alot of issues with her gut so I started her on them. They tend to make her poop so I only give them a few times a week. They sell infant ones at the health food store. Its a powder that you keep in the fridge. I mix it with applesauce and give it to my 10 month old a few times a week.

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