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Thread: help! is my baby getting enough??

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    Default help! is my baby getting enough??

    My baby daughter is now 18 days old...over the last couple of days she has become more and more fussy.
    She has always been a sleepy baby at the breast....I did everything possibe to keep her awake to suck...cold cloths/ stripping her down, diaper change etc. I was able to get her eat for at least 15 minutes on one side and she would get at least another 5 on the other.
    As of the last few days though...all my efforts to keep her awake have failed. I may wake her up briefly...she may try to latch, only to spit out the nipple, or bite on it or just lick...then she falls asleep. She is sleepy sleepy and nothing will wake her up...and she is only getting 10- 12 minutes in a session!!! That cannot be enough for her to grow.
    I am soo worried. What could I be doing wrong??? Is there anything else I can do to ensure that she gets enough??? When she falls off, her mouth is full of milk and my nipples continue to leak so I'm pretty sure I have milk- even though my breasts are definitley not feeling full anymore.

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    We all went/go through this time when we ar worried our LO's aren't getting enough. How many times a day do you nurse? I think this is more important than how long you get her to nurse. Should be at least 10-12 times a day. If you are really worried call your pedi for a weigh in see how she's doing. But remeber she is still in the time frame where she will be loosing weight or just starting to gain. See what pedi says. Are her diapers ok, enough peepees? Does she have periods when she awake and alert or is she always asleep?
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    Default Re: help! is my baby getting enough??

    my ds has never ever fed for more than 10 mins a time and he always feeds just from the 1 side a feeding.... he never lost any weight, he had put on 7oz by 6 days old, and by 9 weeks he has put on over 5lbs....

    check this link http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/enough-milk.html
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