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Thread: 12 month old not interested in solids

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    I'm with all the other mommies here- your son is fine, and your pediatrician doesn't know much about breastfeeding!

    75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight sounds absolutely great to me! There's nothing wrong with being tall and slender, especially with the epidemic of childhood obesity that's going on! It's also totally normal for a breastfed baby to stop gaining weight as quickly after 6 months, and slide down the charts. Once he's mobile and burning lots of calories, the baby chub start to melt away. Formula-fed babies, on the other hand, tend to bulk up in the second half of the second year- and yet, for some crazy reason, it's the formula-fed babies who are the standard!

    You might want to give this abstract from the journal Pediatrics to your pediatrician the next time you visit. Perhaps it will stop him from giving bad advice to other nursing moms! And you might want to hang on to this one for yourself- it should convince you that you are doing everything right!

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    Thank God! Someone finally found some literature to shut up the nonbelievers. Of course BM is going to have more fat and nutrients after 1 year. Idiots. Thank you Momma1.
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    Thanks for the link Momma1. Now I'll have some more information for our next appointment.

    And thanks for all the good advice. I picked up some cottage cheese at the store, and the baby seemed to not hate it, which is a good start. We eat a lot of salmon, but I've never tried tiliapia. I'll pick some up next time I buy groceries. Thanks again.

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    My LO is only 5 months--just perusing this part of the forum since we're coming up on introducing solids--so I don't have personal experience with my own LO.

    Here's the deal with pedis: medical school doesn't concentrate much on healthy kids/people. I'm a nurse in a teaching hospital for children, so I know this from experience. They are taught how much fluid a child needs per weight per day if they're sick in the hospital. They are taught what types of formulas to feed to medically fragile children. They are wonderful people who know a lot about the medical model of treating kids, but they are NOT lactation consultants. They really should learn not to play lactation consultant!

    The thing about solids is that up until 1 year of age, introducing solid food is just that: an introduction. Once a child reaches one year, then it's appropriate to start (START) moving them toward more solid food and less BF. But that depends on the child. And breast milk still has the same stuff in it, although our bodies do continue to adjust it minutely based on the baby's age. So it continues to be nutritious, and it continues to be the best food for your baby. Now, you can slowly let him eat more solids as he weans. Which, if he follows the natural order of things, should happen in the next 1-3 years (not months, as certain pediatricians may hope).

    Try searching "weaning" and "solids" on kellymom.com. I love that site, and it has much more up to date information than your pedi gave you.

    Always remember that your doctors work for you. If you don't agree with them or if their advice feels wrong somehow, get a second opinion. That's true if it's a catastrophic diagnosis or bad parenting advice (which really isn't their job, btw). But also, give him a little bit of a brake. He wasn't taught any better in med school!
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