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Thread: Let down question

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    I have a 3 week old and exclusively breastfeeding her. Her weight gain has been good, latch is good at times, other times not so good (usually at night).

    My question is .... How do I know when my let down happens, if I don't feel it? I don't feel the pins/needles as descibed. I may have felt it in the opposite breast a time or two, but it isn't noticable.


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    Signs of let-down:

    * "pins and needles" tingling-sometimes felt after first few weeks, some never feel this at all

    * milk leaking from the other breast

    * change in baby's suck-swallow pattern, from quick sucks to long, slow sucks with regular swallowing and a breath after every one or two sucks.

    * gulping

    * milk appearing in the corner of the baby's mouth

    * a feeling of relaxation in the mother


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    I'm actually rather curious about this myself. I very rarely feel letdown at all, but as far as I can tell, this hasn't caused any problems. I'm personally rather grateful that I don't usually feel it, because on the rare occasions I DO feel it, I hate the sensation.

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    Hi There!

    Congrats on your new baby!

    I'm another one that doesn't feel my letdowns. With my first, I didn't feel them at all. With my second, I felt them for several days after she was born, but not again after that. So those of us that don't feel them have to look for other signs. Usually a change in the baby's suck pattern is the best indicator. The baby will go from a suck-suck-suck-swallow pattern to a suck-swallow pattern after the letdown. You should hear deep gulping.

    You say your baby is gaining weight well. That's an excellent sign. Keep an eye on her diapers for a day-to-day reassurance that she's getting enough. She should have at least 5 wet (disposable) diapers per 24 hours.

    Hope that helps!
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