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Thread: ? about pain in breast & latching

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    Question ? about pain in breast & latching

    My baby is 6 days old. My milk came in the morning of day 4. At first I was having a lot of trouble nursing her on both breasts. My nipples were purple and sore. My right nipple became cracked. I was using the lanolin cream and it helped my left nipple a lot. My midwife came to visit 3 days ago and she said that I had to move baby over more in front of me as I had her positioned more over my breast. She said I wanted to get baby to tilt her head back a little. Baby is latching well on the left breast but continues to have difficulties at times on the right one.

    My nipple is no longer purple or hurting as bad. There is still a bit of pain but I think it's just going to be getting used to having a baby suck from there again (I nursed my first daughter for 16 months). Anyway, today I have a bit of pain to the right of my nipple and towards the bottom of my breast. The rest of my breast is quite squishy after she feeds but this part remains pretty hard.

    Do you think it could be a blocked duct?
    She is also having trouble sometimes latching on to the breast. It could be right in her mouth and she is having trouble sucking. She is more pursing down instead of sucking. She looks all over for it and I think becomes a bit frustrated. It took 5 minutes the other day to get her to latch properly.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I think I may call my local la leche league tomorrow to see if I can go in to speak to someone. With my first daughter I had some issues at the beginning and they were great!


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    Default Re: ? about pain in breast & latching

    For some reason as well my DD has a hard time with my right and not the left. I have tried differnt positions on the right but still doesnt latch on well.
    Have you tried putting her in the SAME position as you do on the left?

    Good Luck!!

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    Default Re: ? about pain in breast & latching

    Quote Originally Posted by bluebeanz View Post
    The rest of my breast is quite squishy after she feeds but this part remains pretty hard.
    This sounds a lot like a blocked duct to me. Check out this link:

    It has some great info for you about blocked ducts and mastitis. Make sure you do the warm compress, massage, and frequent feedings and it should clear up for you within a day or so.

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