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Thread: Spoon usage?

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    Default Spoon usage?

    My 1 yo is primarily self-fed and has been for a few months now. The exception is yogurt, oatmeal, and applesauce. If given a bowl, she will smear it all over and eat a little...forgetting that it's food. My DH is a SAHD and will not let her just play with those foods. (Party pooper!)

    With a few exceptions, she almost never reaches for the spoon from our hand....she isn't all about "me do that."

    How and when do you start to get them used to eating with utensils. I'm certain I don't NEED her to eat with utensils today, but I know at some point she will need to civilized and was wondering how and when that process gets going. Or will she just "take over" when she is ready?

    I ask because my BFF's 3 yo still eats with her hands a lot and it's a bit unsettling to me.

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    i do two things to help make sure my son learns how to use his spoon and fork when he is ready.

    1) i eat in front of him. i will narrate what i'm doing (sometimes) and talk about the "spoon" and the "fork" and what we use them for. i try to imagine what it's like to learn how to use a spoon for the first time and do things slowly (when he's watching) so that he can imitate me.

    2) i almost always set him a spoon and offer it to him. even if it's just for a minute. i let him hold it and explore it. then i will say "now it's mama's turn". every time he uses his utensils he gets better and better.

    he is now 2 and what usually happens when he sits down for a yogurt is he feeds himself for the first half and gets frustrated and asks me to help him with the last half.

    i have tried to give every opportunity to succeed by making sure his bowl was nice and heavy to make it easy to scoop from (a little pyrex dish works well for this, they are hard to break too) and to give him a little bit in his bowl at a time, otherwise he puts his spoon to the bottom and pulls up a bite that is way to big to manage.

    teaching my son to do for himself takes more effort than doing for him at first, but then it gives him independence and confidence.

    hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Spoon usage?

    Yeah, give him his own spoon to experiment with while he is being fed.

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