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Thread: Touched out, Time to wean??

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    Default Touched out, Time to wean??

    I'm really feeling touched out these days. My DS2 will be 2 next week and I am starting to resent him wanting to nurse so much. He eats solids well, drinks other liquids well etc. I am all for child led weaning, DS1 self weaned, but I've been in a really negative mood lately and I'm wondering if it isn't from feeling like he is never going to wean and feeling like anytime I sit down he is there wanting to nurse. I've been trying to set limits and distracting him but I am just feeling overwhelmed today. If I tell DH how I'm feeling he would say "well just wean him then" instead of being understanding.
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    I am sorry you are having one of those days. It seems that LO sometimes need the most attention when you need a little break. I can relate to your feeings regarding being touched out. Some days it seems that it would be easier to stand so no one will climb up on my lap. My DS (20 mo's) can be insistant when he wants to nurse. I think that even the most supportive husband is unable to see the duality of nursing at this stage. I feel that it is possible to love nursing your child and still wish for a day off from nursing. There is no question that it is a wonderful thing to be able to nurse my toddler. I think that this is a feeling that has an ebb and flow --some days being asked to nurse seems like a hassle but many times it can bring tears to my eyes to see him happily nursing. I have no words of wisdom but I am sending you good thoughts . I also love the idea that self weaning has to be a two way street. I want the end of our nursing relationship to be a stepping stone to another close and loving time. That for me means it ends on a positive note for both of us. Whatever direction you choose will be right for you both.

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    Default Re: Touched out, Time to wean??

    Whenever my son is going thru an intense need to nurse. I get very resentful. It sometimes feels like he only likes me for my boobs. I hate that feeling. And I don't like him pulling at my breast whenever he is bored. But being able to set limits and negotiate has helped me alot. Just this week when I had a bad day at work and we got home and found some time on the couch to reconnect I thought, "I am so glad we are still doing this." And really over all I am. But the older your child gets, the more important I think it is to let your child know how YOU feel about nursing and why. The 1st year of their life it's important that the know it's a relationship only in that they learn you are there for them as they need them. At this point, my son is 26months, it's important that he knows that I have to WANT to nurse. And work at asking nicely and being respectful of when I am tired or my breasts or sore or I have had enough. It's a dance....express your feelings and needs to your child.

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    Default Re: Touched out, Time to wean??

    oh boy can i relate to this post.
    i could have written it a few weeks ago when my 2 year old was cutting his molars.

    i found that once i got past those few days, my feelings about nursing went back very positive. while i still have sessions where i am bored or irritated at nursing, i try to remind myself of the benefits and the special times we share. i think it is wise to be open to the option of weaning if you feel ready. the fact that you stated in your post that you want to wean gradually means you will have plenty of time to make sure it's what you want to do and that you won't regret it.

    if i was feeling negatively about nursing for a month or longer, i would start asking my husband to step up to the plate and take care of putting him to bed (when he was available) and giving him that extra attention needed.

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