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Thread: arching and throwing head back

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    Question arching and throwing head back

    My 12 day old arches and throws head back during initial latch on at the breast. She usually crys out a few times as well before she finally latches on. Any reason why she would be doing this???

    Also, she feeds for only a few minutes at a time, then gets really sleepy and I can't get her to eat anymore even with stimulation and breast compression. Often I have to do a diaper change in between to arouse her once again, but even after that she only feeds for a few more minutes. She is gaining weight and having more than enough diapers so I know she is getting enough. But she is not emptying the breast. Do I offer the same breast at the next feeding. The other is quite engorged by the next feeding and I usually have to express or pump a bit just to get her to latch on. At night both are engorged by the next feeding. Will my milk supply decrease if she is not emptying the breast?
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    Default Re: arching and throwing head back

    I am definitely not an expert at this but I just went through the same thing. For us it got better over time, but as long as she is having enough wets... that is the most important thing. My lo still only nurses a few minutes on one side, and she is gaining weight like a champ!!

    I'm sure there are lots of ppl on here who can help you!! Good luck and good job for nursing your lo!!!

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    Default Re: arching and throwing head back

    Some babies don't like to have the back of their heads touched. If you're holding her head when you bring her to latch on, try holding the back of her neck, with your thumb behind one ear and your forefinger behind the other ear.

    Even as adults, we'll often throw our heads back if someone puts their hand on the back of our heads. It's the same reflex in infants.
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