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Thread: Increasing supply after coming off hormonal contraception

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    Default Increasing supply after coming off hormonal contraception

    Here's a little background on my situation. My son is 4mos old (18wks). At my 6wk follow up appt, my dr. put me on the mini-pill which caused sporadic bleeding and wasn't a good option for me. I had my annual about 3 wks ago now and was complaining about all the bleeding. We talked about it and because my supply was pretty established, he recommended that I go back to a normal bc pill. Well it has taken a few weeks but I've noticed my supply dwindling for a couple weeks now and didn't realize it until last week that it was from the pill. I quit taking the pill and have been trying to increase my milk supply again but it doesn't seem to be increasing yet. I'm just curious how long it takes to recover from something like this and when I'll see a change in my production. I have been working on this for almost a full week now. Also I work full time so I pump at work and I'm pumping as much as possible to help the production. I'm running out of my stored milk and I'm not going to be able to keep up with my baby boy if something doesn't change soon. I'm trying to avoid supplementing if at all possible!! Any suggestions on how I can make this happen quickly?

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    Default Re: Increasing supply after coming off hormonal contraception


    I'm sorry you're having problems with your supply. I too have struggled with it. The #1 thing is to nurse or pump as frequently as possible (aim for 8-12 times a day). A few additional suggestions: try eating a bowl of oatmeal each day. Have you tried Fenugreek? It is available at health food stores. 2 pills three times a day. Make sure you are drinking enough water too.

    The are prescription drugs available too, but try the natural stuff first.


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