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Thread: adding to a fridge/freezer bottle

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    Default adding to a fridge/freezer bottle

    can i add fresh milk to a bottle in the fridge or freezer that has milk from a previous pumping in it? i don't have many storage bottles and want to maximize my usage.

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    Default Re: adding to a fridge/freezer bottle

    i think it was said in another post to refrigerate the new milk before adding it to the already cold milk, this way the warm milk doesn't interfere with the already frozen and "defrost" kwim?
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    Default Re: adding to a fridge/freezer bottle

    You can add to milk already in the fridge if you chill it first. You could also add chilled milk to frozen milk, just be careful not to "defrost" what's there.

    The potential problem I see is how will you thaw the milk? Or rather, how much are you freezing per container? If you will only need 3 oz thawed, but you have 6 oz frozen in one container, will you be able to use the rest of the milk that day? Milk should not be refrozen once it is thawed.

    There are posts on this topic about using milk storage bags. Is that a possibility for you? You could combine several pumpings worth if you wish, then pour the amounts you need into individual freezer storage bags for longer storage.

    Just trying to think ahead to the milk's use....it would be a shame to waste some of that liquid gold!

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