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Thread: My Best Friend or Boppy?

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    Default My Best Friend or Boppy?

    Anyone who has tried them both....please let me know which nursing pillow you preferred and why.

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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    Brest Friend is my Fav b/c:

    1. you can velcro it to fit your size comfortably then if your baby falls asleep you can unsnap (on the deluxe) it to quietly remove it

    2. great back support for mama!

    3. supports baby well

    4. Helps save mama's arms from being so tired & sore - can use for support when just holding baby when not nursing as well

    5. Firmer material & softer cover than Boppy

    6. Stays in place

    7. I can nurse baby hands free & tend to my other two LOs needs

    8. Helps with tandem nursing b/c you can use it to nurse in football hold position on one side & have more room to nurse older child on the other side

    **can't think of all reasons right now but I know I so LOVE My Brest Friend!**

    Had Boppy with first LO & absolutely hated it in all ways! Didn't use for long before setting aside. Didn't get Brest Friend until we had our third baby. He is 5 weeks old & we love it in so many ways!

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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    best friend..stays on and you can use it as a table when your little one is small and you try to snack at the same time
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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?


    Mama to DD Mariah 04/03 2lbs 8oz BF 2yrs 1 day!
    DS Ryan 07/06 4lbs 15 oz No solids until 18 mo's!
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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    I only have used the boppy, but my problem with it is that it doesn't fit me right. So while I am nursing, my lo falls into the hole in the middle, pretty much defeating the purpose. So I would say one that stays tight to you and hooks in the back would def. be better!!

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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    I had a Boppy and lived with it the first four weeks. It was amazing!
    If you have unlimited funds, get both -- it drove me nuts because I had to cart it upstairs at night with baby. I remember wishing I had two!

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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    I have a CuddleU. It's a lot like the Boppy but it's bigger, softer and has a built-in strap to keep your little one in when they are by themselves and wiggling around, and tucks away when you're nursing. I like it, but I find myself often propping my foot up to get the right positioning when I nurse, which I do without the pillow.

    here's a link that shows the strap:

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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    I used the Brest Friend for the first 6 weeks or so, but I wasn't thrilled with it. It was highly recommended by our hospital's lactation clinic and does provide a lot of support, but it was too firm for my LO to get in the right position. And, it was kind of a pain to twist it around to nurse in the football hold. Or maybe I just didn't like it because I associated it with weeks and weeks of poor latch and positioning (which were not necessarily caused by the pillow).

    We bought the Boppy about 1 1/2 months ago and I it. Way easier to put on/off, too, and DD gets in a great position with it. In fact, a lot of my positioning problems seemed to resolve when we switched.

    But as a caveat, my LO is very big for her size - she was above the 95th percentile at her 2-month-checkup - so that could be part of the reason the Boppy works better for us.

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    Default Re: My Best Friend or Boppy?

    I say also make sure you get comfortable nursing with a sling that will be your best friend! When my baby was a newborn, I would push the empty stroller and be nursing my colicky baby in the sling and it was the best thing ever. Otherwise while sitting pillows did just fine.

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