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Thread: Sadly I think we are here

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByGrace View Post
    Thanks everyone! Everyone here has been great, and I really appreciate all of the support. I often feel bad about how judgmental I was to all those moms who told me their lo's weaned before a year . . . knowing what "statistics say" about such . . . but apparently it does happen. I guess we are just one of those "few"
    I wonder about this because I have also felt myself being judgmental at times regarding bf issues. Then I wonder, what if I have issues with the next one. Will I have to eat my words kind of thing. I don't know.

    and for all of your hard work.
    Mom to Lainey (11-8-06)

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    I just wanted to send some . And lots of for doing all you could for your DS. Whenever my DD gets fussy at the breast, my mom often tells me that kids can start weaning now and I continuously tell her there's no way she's weaning now, but I realize it could start any day ~ I'm just trying to appreciate it while it lasts.
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    Thanks everyone! I know I did everything I could. I fought hard and intend to finish out the next month of pumping, so we will have technically made it to a year of bm at least. With my dd, I was so uninformed and had issues early on, and EP for her for only 3 months, the guilt was really bad adn I was super determinted with this one. All in all our bf relationship was a great one, we had relaitvely no issues, other than a few strikes. and at this final strike, I worked hard to get it back, but at least pumping til a year, i will never feel like I "gave up" kwim? so no regrets . . .

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