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Thread: Baby and night feedings

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    Default Baby and night feedings

    Hello ladies!

    Hope everyone is good and having a good time nursing!

    I have a question about my LO.

    Hes just over a month old now (wow - cant beilve hes that old already) and has been consistently gaining - hes up to ten pounds now from 7.1 pounds when we were leaving hospital.

    The thing is, he sleeps almost all night now, usually from about one or two am right until eight or nine. And no matter what I do, he will not wake up to eat! If i try too much he just yells at me and tries to fall back asleep on me. Even when I do get him latched he sucks for all of ten seconds, and then passes out again.

    He eats excellent the rest of the day, and has lots of wets and poopies (heck , he even pees on me when Im changing his diaper and there sure is lots)

    So, should I really be trying to wake him up at this point anymore? Or is it fine to just let him sleep? We cosleep so I wake up when he yowls and is hungry, so I know he is not going without if he truly wants it. He just seemingly would rather snooze than eat at night. Hes been this way since about two weeks TBH.

    Do I just have the only baby that has a nighttime sleep this early? Does this even happen?

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    Default Re: Baby and night feedings

    my son slept through the night from 6 weeks to about 5 months old, now at 2 he wakes once a night and it's really no hassle.

    what does you mama gut tell you?
    from you post, you don't sound too concerned about it,
    and everything sounds totally fine.

    thats my 2 cents!
    enjoy that sleepy baby.

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    Default Re: Baby and night feedings

    Seeing as how everything looks great, I would take full advantage and let that baby sleep! If you co-sleep, you are right there with him, and he will let you know when he is hungry! I often woke DD up at night to feed her, and in retrospect, I wonder if it inhibited her ability to sleep through the night. Just now, at 6 months, will she only eat once or twice on a good night. It sounds like you are doing great! HTH!
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    Default Re: Baby and night feedings

    i was concerned when my lo was sleeping through the night in the beginning weeks as well. i asked the LC about it and she said that after a few weeks babies have established when they need to eat and as long as he was gaining weight, there's no reason to wake them. i think you lo is great. enjoy the sleep.

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    Default Re: Baby and night feedings

    My DS started waking only twice at about three weeks ... now (going on six) he will go down around 10:30 and sleep till 5:30-6 (most of the time, lol) ... I'm just enjoying the extra zzzzz's!

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