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Thread: breast feeding to breast milk in a bottle

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    Default breast feeding to breast milk in a bottle

    I might have to go back to work soon, hopefully my child can come with me. I am a certified teacher/nanny. If I do have to I would have to give my baby breast milk from the bottle. How do you transistion from the breast to the bottle? I put my milk in a bottle and so far she immediately turns her head from it. (it is nice she perfers her mommy) I am sad and wish I could think of a way to have a stay at home job and keep bf but times have changed.
    My baby is 6 months.

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    Default Re: breast feeding to breast milk in a bottle

    you might try a sippy cup with a straw at 6 months.
    and have somebody else give it to your baby, sometimes they are pretty smart about what they want and will wait untill you get back at that age.
    Or they will eat all night long to make up for not being with you during the day.
    What are your states rules about home day care? Lots of moms find they can make the extra $$$ they need that way. and if you could teach a home preschool you could charge even more.
    Also make sure you figure out exatly how much its going to cost you to work.
    One of my friends did that and it ended up after she paid for child care for her baby and all the extras she needed to work she was only making about $1.00 an hour and that wasn't worth it too her or her hubby.

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    Default Re: breast feeding to breast milk in a bottle

    Maybe your dd would be more accepted of a sippy cup?

    Have you tried different nipples? My ds uses the Playtex Natural Latch.

    Can you have someone else try to feed her?

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