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    ... the thread about low milk supply while having the flu. i currently have something (stomache flu?) but i noticed why my son feeds the milk is there but then either he stops eating after 5 min if i try switching sides or changing him it doesnt matter. but the if he does go back to eating i noticed that every 3-5 suckles i hear 1 gulp. does that mean im losing milk supply? maybe hes getting the milk im not sure. any advise?

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    The truth is in the diapers. http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/enough.html

    Feel better soon!

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    Sorry you're not feeling well.

    It might be that your baby is not feeling well either. Babies who are getting sick tend to prefer very short, very frequent feedings, especially if they have a tummy ache or are congested.

    Get well soon!


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