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Thread: baby fussy at night?????

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    Default baby fussy at night?????

    My LO has had ear infections for almost 2 months straights adn we have a Dr. Apt with the ENT on Tuesday, but it has been so long that i do not know what is normaly for her any more. she is waking up at night between 3 to 6 times. she used to wake up 2 -3 times at night, but now i have no clue.

    her new thing is that she fusses like crazy when we go to put her to bed for about an hr. she is 6 mo old and we have only started solids on the weekedns for the past 3 or 4 weeks so that she knows what to do with it, but nothing steady, yet.

    i know my supply is normal, but shes on adn off the boob fuss and cry, so i am forced to give a bottle of EBM.

    woudl you ladies suggest that this is an ear problem, a food problem, or just a normaly breast feeding baby problem.....i really do not know waht to do.
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    Default Re: baby fussy at night?????

    Could be any number of things. I think it's likely the night waking is caused by the ear infections...I think if it were a food thing it would happen only on weekends when you give solids. Could also be teething, at that age. I dunno...
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