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Thread: Pulling away while nursing

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    Default Pulling away while nursing

    LO (almost 8 months old) has taken to pulling away while nursing. What I mean is that she is still latched on, but pulls her head back & pushes my breast forward with her hands while she nurses (and mostly only has the nipple in her mouth, so not a very good latch). She mainly does it on the right side & the pain is getting terrible. I try taking her off, but she latches back on okay & then goes straight into pulling back. Based on wet diapers, she still seems to be getting enough to drink.

    Any ideas on why she's doing this or how to get her to stop? She seems okay otherwise. She did have a low fever last week for 3 days. And we started on solids two weeks ago. No teeth yet. She also does this while sleepy and in the middle of the night, so I don't think it is just because she is distracted by things going on around her.


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    Default Re: Pulling away while nursing

    Lurker posting!

    My daughter (10 months) has been doing this for approximately a month with no signs of stopping. I would love to hear any explanation and/or ways to discourage her... TIA!!!

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    Default Re: Pulling away while nursing

    My dd is 6.5 months... and she does this also. Don't know why, and she dosent do it all of the time. It seems that she does do it more when she is tired, or becoming easily distracted. I just tell her to "quit beating up on your boobie!"
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